How to create a video case study and why they are effective for your business

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A video case study is a powerful marketing tool that illustrates the value of your services to potential clients. Sharing a real client’s success story helps your audiences gain a tangible feel about how you can solve their problems and builds trust in your brand. But how to create a video case study that makes an impact?

As for any other professionally made videos you need a structure. Here at Visual Culture thanks to our twenty years of professional experience in video creation, we have tried and tested a six step system that will help you create a brilliant final product. Let’s dive in!   

Six steps that will help you create a great video case study

1. Introduction
Start by interviewing an existing client who’s happy to share a success story about your product or service. Grab a five second sound bite that shows an outcome, something like “our social media presence grew by 110%” or “working with Visual Culture was easy and so much fun”. Place that sound bite right up the front of your video. This will entice your prospective clients to find out more and keep them engaged about what you are going to say next. 

2. Graphic overview
Include a graphic overview that shows the name of the person that you have interviewed and the company they work for. Customise the overview by using a slide and adding the company logo.

3. Introduce who you are interviewing 

Include a section with more details about the person that you interviewed and the role that they have in the company. Try to get case studies from people who work in the sectors you are targeting. This will help you build trust and credibility in these areas. 

4. Identify the problem 

Include a section in which the person that you’ve interviewed explains:

1. What problem they had
2. Why they called you to help them solve the problem

Add details on how they found out about your business. If it was through referral, highlight it clearly in your video as this will increase your credibility.  

5. The process of providing the solution

After that, describe how your business went through the process of solving the client’s problem. Emphasise how you engage with clients and show what you did and how. You want to be able to show prospective clients a real example of when you successfully helped someone else with a similar problem as their own so they realise that your product or service is the solution to their problem too! 

6. The recommendation

Finish off by including a snippet in which your client explains why they would recommend your business to others. This will emphasise what impact your business had in solving their problem and the advantages that they had in using your product or service.

Why you should include a video case studies in your marketing strategy 

After giving you an overview on how to create a video case study you may have already realised all the benefits of including this powerful visual tool in your marketing strategy. A video case study builds trust and credibility. It’s a great way to engage your audience and stay top of mind with clients. It’s easily shareable on social media and you can also embed it on your landing page to get better Google rankings.  For more information and help on how to create a great video case study get in touch.


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