Get inspired: Our Top 5 Super Bowl TV ads

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By Danielle Frazzetto & Sophie Grainge

The 2014 Super Bowl broke TV records this year, with an average audience of 111.5 million – making it the most watched television show in U.S history.

It’s no wonder major brands pay big dollars to secure precious airtime during its broadcast and advertising agencies compete to produce the most creative and popular commercial.  This year, 91 commercials aired during the game – totaling 55 minutes 7 seconds.

Some might argue the TVCs are just as anticipated as the game itself.  Another major appeal for advertisers is the international reach with millions of people viewing the commercials on YouTube well after the game has finished.

Viewing these commercials is not only entertaining, but it’s a great way to draw inspiration for marketing your business and products.  We’ve had a great time looking through the 2014 TVCs and we’ve picked our favourite five to share with you.

1) Bud Light – Ian Up For Whatever

A fantastic example of using real emotion to engage audiences. Documenting real customer experiences is a great way to connect with audiences.

2) Go Daddy – Bodybuilder

Simple and to the point, this is perfect example of video marketing done well. Use video on your website to attract your target audience, they will be knocking down your doors in no time!

3) Radioshack

Does your company need a refresh? Radioshack decided they did and uses humour beautifully here to make fun of its dated image.

4) Budweiser – Puppy Love

A sweet heartfelt story demonstrating wonderful cinematography. Without actually showing the product, Budwieser sells its message and brand effectively.

5) Audi – Doberhuahua

Audi uses creative and quirky storytelling here to sell its tagline. Executed well with the help of motion graphics (Did you know Visual Culture can help you with motion graphics too?)

Feeling inspired by these commercials? Visual Culture can help you achieve the same creative approaches and techniques that you’ve just seen to help sell your business and engage your customers.  Contact us today [email protected]

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