CX and UX benefit from the Visual Experience (VX)

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In business circles it is apparent that the latest buzzwords are Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX).  These terms are all about the benefit of the customer experience with your company and the user experience of your goods or services. To enhance the effectiveness of both the CX and UX, attention to a third element is critical…. the Visual Experience (VX). This is the lasting effort that video has on your clients and potential clients. Let’s take a look.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) Customer Experience goes well beyond customer service. In a recent article by Alex Rawson, Ewan Duncan and Conor Jones titled “The truth about customer experience”, they explain that it is best described as the customers end to end journey.

For a long while we have measured customer satisfaction from interactions in a singular lens, whereas the customer experience is more about the culmination of each and every touch point a customer has with your company.

When you take a holistic view of the entire transaction you and your customer have, it is not dissimilar to that of a relationship, which is in fact what we are all aiming to have with our customers. Building a mutual relationship will give your customers the feeling that they are valued and that you are gaining some understanding of their needs.

When we look at the customer experience it also provides us with far more scope for understanding interactions into the future. This is an excellent team bonding experience. If we are looking at every transaction your customer has with your business, chances are they have been across several areas. This can cause communication break down and affect the experience. As a team get together and make sure the flow of information is free. Discover where your customers are likely to get annoyed across your chain and go about repairing that link.

USER EXPERIENCE (UX) User experience is a little different to customer experience. User experience is all about how easy your goods or services are to use and how closely it facilitates what your customer needs. To be able to deliver this you need to re read customer experience and make sure you are getting the right type of feedback on what your customers want.

All of the very best businesses never stop implementing change. They don’t come to a point where they feel they have the perfect product. Why? Because your customer base changes, the needs of which change as well and innovation needs to be constant in order to stay relevant.

VISUAL EXPERIENCE (VX) The team here at Visual Culture are totally immersed in the visual experience, every day. To us it means the magic that happens when audio and vision unite to tell a story that would be impossible to create without either of those key components.  The only way the visual experience can work is if we pay close heed to both the customer experience and the user experience.

When you as a company set out to get a video produced, it should be a collaborative and enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves on making sure we get to know you and what your company can offer so that the video message we produce is pertinent, tailored and successful.

We hear reports of clients going to other production companies and being asked straight away what they want their video to look like. It seems a little odd. We take a different approach, we ask what you want to promote, then set about getting to know you and the business. It is only really then that we are at liberty to offer suggestions. Collaboration is key, as we always say… we know video but no one in the world knows your business like you.

When you get the right formula it is very hard to miss with video. Housing your video within your website is a proven way of up scaling up search engine results. It has a higher retention rate of visitor to your sight, and perhaps best of all it gives your customers and your future customers a chance to get familiar with you, the team and the product.

We think video is quite amazing, but we are biased. We all live in a visual culture.

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