COVID safe filming practices

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Covid safe filming practices

There are a number of processes Visual Culture has implemented to maintain best health and safety guidance for filming on location. Often we are asked to film within our clients offices and workplaces. Some filming sessions may require us to visit a person’s home. Or we may need to set up a larger mock studio, such as a green screen studio, within a large area of a workplace, such as a meeting room, board room or function room.

Due to the nature of these various filming requirements, we have developed the following guidelines for our crew and clients.

  • We always comply with health authorities advice and gain government permits if required at any time.
  • No-contact filming location – where possible, we will try to setup our filming equipment so you can simply walk in, stand in position and give your presentation or interview.
  • Crew will be wearing appropriate PPE including face masks and gloves.
  • We will be using a boom microphone, which will mean there will be no need to attach a wireless microphone to you.
  • The setup and filming room will allow for us to maintain a safe distance between the crew and presenter/interview subject – at least 3 metres apart.
  • The crew will also try to only use portable, battery powered equipment. There may be an occasion where certain lights etc may need a power outlet.
  • The crew may also need to move some furniture for the filming setup, but any surfaces touched will be sanitised.
  • There will only be two crew members at most – a camera operator and the director/producer. Based on the type of video, we will do our best to only have one crew member who will conduct filming, directing and also interviewing.
  • Setup of filming equipment including cameras, lighting and audio can take around 30-60 minutes depending on complexity of setup. We ask that the person we are meeting to film show the crew to the filming location and then maintain their distance during setup time, with preference to be a different room.
  • We can set up a remote video call for other members of your team or even interpreters to view the filming sessions live and provide feedback. Often we will have either a web cam with clear audio, but we also have the option to give a direct feed from the camera to the video conference call.
  • All equipment will be sanitised at regular intervals through the day, along with hand sanitiser being readily available and also a temperature check on arrival.
  • If our crew feel unwell at any stage in the lead up to the filming day, they will not attend the location for filming and get an urgent Covid test. Even with a negative result, if the crew member shows signs of any illness, they will not attend filming and a replacement will be organised.
  • If you, our client and their team, feels unwell in the days leading up to the filming session, please advise us and also get yourself tested. We can work on an alternate solution for filming your presentation remotely if you do have any symptoms.

If you have any further questions or further health and safety requests for our crew prior to filming, please contact us. We look forward to working you and your team!

We have also put together a short video giving an outline to our filming practices:

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