Convert your user manual to engaging video content

Convert your user manual to engaging video content

So why should you develop a series of videos based on your product user manual?

It’s been said a million times before that video content is a more effective form of communication than written content.

Think about how frustrated you can get trying to put together a complex piece of furniture, knowing how to use a software feature or wondering what all those features in your car do?

You read through the content, look at the illustrations and images but sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense.

But when you see a demonstration on video of someone else completing the task, it’s clearer on what needs to be done.

Whether it’s a live action video demo, an explainer video, a screen capture of your software – there are so many options to create effective video content to support your customers.

Yes, your user manual could be a large book of important information – but take the time to identify which of the topics would be best to portray in video.

What queries are you often asked by your customers?

The same concept can be used for recipe books.

Creating great video content that supports your product is also an effective way of subtle marketing.

It creates loyal customers, one of the main reasons they will buy your new and latest product releases is because they will get more awesome videos to support them…

Well… okay…

It’s not all about the videos… your product is already awesome… Video adds more to the overall customer experience.

So, how can you bring your user manual to life using video?