Client spotlight – How to work a room!

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When you’re meeting people, networking and prospecting for new business, we all know it’s about ‘working the room.’ When it comes to production however, Visual Culture knows how to work the room to create endless visual looks!

One room...

One room…

In a recent project with the National Stroke Foundation (NSF), we had 2 days and one hotel room to conduct 15 interviews. By arranging existing furniture and features and thinking creatively, we were able to achieve a unique look for each interview. We also negotiated with the hotel to get additional props to help achieve the looks required. The project involved more interviews at different locations, but this one requited the most logistical creativity! There really is no production challenge we can’t handle.

These interviews were part of a significant digital project we completed with The National Stroke Foundation. We’re very proud to have helped create content for enableme – an online platform for adults with an acquired disability.  It aims to be the ‘centre of empowerment’ for stroke survivors and carers.  Featuring tips and techniques for everyday activities, enableme provides people with the ‘how’ of living with disability and equips them with the tools they need in their stroke recovery.

Multiple looks...

Multiple looks…

The video brief
The NSF identified 42 topic areas for the enableme platform. They sought to create an introductory video consisting of a combination of survivors, carers or health professionals explaining their experience with that particular topic. Each video would be 2-3 minutes in length and feature a mix of different participants. In keeping with the inclusive nature of the website, the videos had to be warm, conversational and personal in style.

Our approach
We approached this project methodically and sensitively. Using the topic areas as a guide, we worked with the NSF to develop a set of questions that could be mixed and matched depending on each participants experience with stroke.  To ensure all topics were covered, we kept a thorough track of interviewee responses during filming. When it came to editing – it was a far easier to group and manage such a large body of content. Filming took place over four days with 20 participants. As well as filming new footage, we re-purposed interview footage from previous NSF productions.  Regardless of when or where each interview took place, we ensured every video was presented as part of a stylized suite.

Many different looksHow to work a room 3

The result
The participants involved in this project were inspiring. We met some incredible individuals, all with great stories of determination and courage. Knowing that these stories and videos will help others to get through tough times, has been very rewarding.  As there was so much relevant content, over 42 videos were produced for enableme.

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