Benefits of Having a Company Overview Video

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Using video content in your digital marketing strategy is no longer a matter of whether or not you should – it’s turned into a necessity.

Gone are the days where video was a luxury that only a few companies could afford. Creating videos is now crucial for presenting the company’s brand to the world.

There are many benefits to be had when you make use of video within your digital marketing strategy – particularly when it comes to the company overview videos. Here’s a look at the top benefits of having a company overview video…

Building Trust

When you have an overview video in place, your company gets a face that it can show to its clients. It creates a more tangible experience for your customer when they interact with your company and provide a more relatable visual element to your digital marketing strategy which in turn, makes it easier for your customers to trust your business.

The Entertainment Factor

If you don’t engage your audience within the first ten seconds of them navigating your website, then your most likely going to forfeit them. Nobody is willing to spend time reading about your company anymore, which means other avenues need to be properly explored. A company overview video will not only convey everything about your business. It will also keep the customer engaged so that they absorb all the information they need to know.

Social Media Awareness & Gain

It’s a noted fact that videos gain more traction on social media than your average text or photo post. A well-made company overview video can easily become viral, as the social media audience will be inclined to share it on their social media profiles and tag their friends or colleagues. Captioned videos work best when creating social media videos, as it means the audience can watch and engage in them while they’re on public transport, at a cafe, sitting in bed or a meeting at work.

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