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If I were to survey a group of people off the street right now, I guarantee that 80% or more of them would say that talking in front of a camera would be within the top 5 of their biggest fears.

Having to stand in a room with several people staring while you talk down the barrel of a camera is likely the most unnatural situation we can be in as a human being, except maybe flying or deep-water diving.

Being Camera Shy is an extremely common thing. Even the most experienced presenters still get butterflies and nervous energy going onto shoots. However, there are ways of fighting this so that you’re able to come across as natural, and not a stale, poorly spoken robot.

Consider having someone in the room that you would usually chat with about the subject. There are times where we can have these people interviewing you, or even standing behind the camera with us to be of support.

Aim to speak to the camera as you would them on any normal day. You’d be surprised how well this can work.

It’s a brilliant idea to lighten the mood by chatting to and laughing with the camera crew beforehand to ease yourself into the limelight. Swap a few jokes about being nervous if that’s what it takes, as long as you laugh, we’ll laugh and instantly the environment will feel more comfortable.

It’s OK to take a few moments before we start rolling to familiarise yourself with what’s expected of you. Ask as many questions as you want and even do a little run through first. We’re happy to provide feedback, and typically have a director on board to issue some great advice.

This is crucial. Most people (even professionals) will get to the middle of a sentence and say “oh crap, this is no good….Sorry!” But the thing is, it sounded GREAT! You have to remember we can re-film a section of content if you’re unhappy with it or we can edit it if it goes off track a little.
It’s best to believe in what you’re saying, commit to it, and say it with conviction. Editing is what we’re good at.

Being in front of the camera can give you an extraordinary rush of adrenaline. Think of it as something enjoyable rather than something you’re afraid of doing. The thing is, you’ve been asked to speak in front of the camera for a reason. You either have incredible insight and knowledge on the subject you’re talking about, or you enjoy the hell out of it (or both). Being interviewed on camera is a immense reward for the extensive work you’ve been putting in. Embrace it.

Hopefully these tips help you with the next time your faced with a film crew! But if not…just remember…It’s a LOT easier than skydiving.

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