Are you getting the most out of your video production?

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By Danielle Frazzetto & Sophie Grainge

We know how valuable and effective video is as a communication tool, but not all businesses and marketers do.

Demonstrating return and value on your video investment can be challenging. We have some simple strategies you can employ to ensure you make the most of your video investment.

Keep it simple: Decide on what you want your video to focus on and keep messages simple so your audience can understand them quickly and easily.

Clear and consistent message: It’s so easy for messages and information to get diluted and misconstrued. The beauty of video is the ability to reach your audiences at the same time, ensuring they receive a clear and consistent message.

Save time: It’s physically impossible to be everywhere at once, but with video you literally can be. CEO’s and senior leaders are busy people. Recording a message in a quick, discrete filming session is a great way to save time and reach audiences across geographical locations.

Connect with customers 24/7: Gone are the days where business operates in a 9-5 environment (sigh!). Through video, customers can connect with you and learn about your business anytime of day. Video has the power to do the selling for you when you’re not available.

Bring your ideas to life: Rather than simply talking about an idea or project, video can help bring your concepts to life in a creative and exciting way. Video has the ability to trigger the imagination through storytelling techniques. The combination of sound, vision and narration is far more compelling than a static document or powerpoint presentation. The ability to show rather than just tell is also an incredibly powerful selling tool.

Reuse & redistribute: Once you have produced a video, you can reuse and re-edit it for different audiences and purposes very easily. And the more videos your business makes, the more archive footage you have to work with for future projects.

Our good friends and business partners in London, Tallboy Communications, have produced this fantastic video highlighting the value of video for your business.

We can help you with all the above and more, talk to Visual Culture today about how you can maximise your video investment.

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