8 key attributes of a good video editor

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The edit suite is where the video magic truly happens! So, what are some of the key attributes an effective video editor should possess?

Sure, being a good storyteller is one, working efficiently is another and keeping a close eye on detail is a necessity.

But what else should you look for when working with a video editor? Here are 8 attributes I’ve developed that help me as a video editor that benefit my clients to deliver their ideal video outcomes.

1. Intuitive approach: Yes, I’ve learnt to read minds, even finish peoples sentences when it comes to discussing a video idea. Whether a detailed creative brief is provided or it’s a simple chat on a video idea, I help clients bring those visions to reality.

2. Producers’ mindset: This means looking at any video project from the top down. Before touching the controls, it’s fully understanding the brief, not only by what content needs to be edited, but what other production elements may be required. There are projects that might have a few gaps and most editors would sit by and wait for instructions on how to progress. Instead, I look for solutions and explain why I’ve done things a certain way.

3. Experience in various production roles: It’s important that an editor gains knowledge and hands-on experience of the various production roles. This includes jumping behind the camera, directing, animation, audio and script writing to name a few. The wider your knowledge, the more valuable you become as part of the full production process.

4. Willing to accept feedback: I’m amazed when I hear of a video editor taking a firm stance on a client’s project with the ‘my way or not’ approach, unwilling to accept feedback (often due to a clash with their creative mindset). A good editor will work in conjunction with their client to deliver the best outcome not only creatively but also ensuring the video resonates with the ideal audience.

5. Love what you do: Video editing is a skill anyone can learn, but it takes years to refine that skillset. Many people may give it away due to the time required to create the perfect edit, they find editing tasks too tedious or perhaps the tech just doesn’t make sense. I’m passionate about editing and have developed my own process, making all those factors mentioned obsolete.

6. Constantly seek inspiration: Hey, I accept I’m getting older but that won’t stop me constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. Whether that be viewing videos across various platforms (TV, streaming, cinema and social media), looking at what creatives in other industries are doing or getting advice from someone 20 years my junior on what the latest video trends are. On the flip side, the inspiration I drew on back in the 80s and 90s is now very much mainstream again. And I’ll never hold back sharing ideas with anyone that asks.

7. Be adaptable: Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned in certain projects. But it’s how an editor either embraces or runs from a potential issue that makes the difference. I personally love a challenge, so I’m always in solution mode to find the best outcome. And creative tech tools often come in handy if a client has a particular idea in mind (thank you to the AI revolution!)

8. Business outcomes: I’ve edited videos for hundreds of businesses. Yes, budgets and the ROI on a video is important. But so is understanding the ideal audience for each video. And importantly, my goal is to take away any stress or concern a client may have – my job is to make their job easy through the entire production process, so they can focus on other things. Portfolio pieces are nice, but achieving a successful business outcome is the number one priority.

So, there you have it, did you notice there was barely a mention of the tech side of things? Mindset is just one of the attributes I utilise on a daily basis to work effectively, enhance the creative process, adapt in different circumstances and ultimately make the life of my clients easier.

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