5 ways…animation can tell your story

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At one time or another, we’ve all had to explain a concept or idea to a friend or colleague. Whether it’s training larges groups in how to use a product or showing an individual how to log in to a system, it can be challenging expressing all the elements you need to in an efficient and effective way.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.53.08 am‘Explainer’ videos are fast becoming the way to communicate ‘how –to’ type messages. They explain what problem the product or service is trying to solve and why the viewer should want to use the product or service. A well-made explainer video consolidates all the important details into one place in a minute or two. Explainer videos are often animated and here’s why:

1. Complex concepts made easy
Concepts, especially technical ones can often be abstract and difficult to explain in words. Animation allows you to illustrate what you want through customised graphics and movement. There’s no limit to what you can represent.

2. Show and tell
It’s so much easier to understand a concept when you see it in action. Animation is perfect for training and demonstration purposes. Rather than relying on filming live scenarios, you can recreate specific situations and processes exactly how you want.  You can also illustrate processes step-by-step simply and clearly.

3. Tell your story in a more creative way
Let’s face it, animation is fun. Rather than traditional text descriptions and diagrams, animation allows you to think outside the box and get creative. You’re not limited by format – it’s a blank canvas and the sky’s the limit.

4. (Not) lost in translation
Animation has no language or culture barriers. In many instances, you could turn off the sound on an animated video and still understand the main concepts. This is extremely effective for organisations that need to deliver a message to an audience of varied language and literacy backgrounds.

5. Cost effective
Using animation is perfect when you don’t have time or budget to travel to multiple locations to get the footage you need. Animation allows you to create whatever you want within a reasonable budget. Especially when it comes to training and demonstrations, as you don’t necessarily have to deliver the session in person.  Animation can also save time by not having to read lengthy training documents.

CGU Insurance – Find an Advisor video
We recently helped CGU Insurance create an animated video for its insurance adviser network – within a day 1,000 advisors updated their details on CGU’s ‘find an advisor’ tool. This was a highly beneficial exercise for CGU, its advisors and end customers.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to create an animation for your business!

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