5 ways… video will continue to make an impact in 2016

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  • By the year 2019 80% of all Internet traffic will be video. (Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index)
  • Every minute, 48 hours of video content is uploaded onto YouTube.
  • Snapchat reportedly delivers 700 million photos/videos every day.
  • Facebook generates 8 billion video views per day.
  • And according to Cisco, 1,000,000 minutes of video are shared every single second.
  • Google are set to use video marketing embedded into their search function.
The move towards digital video is set to increase from next year and it’s important that it now enter into our thoughts as far as marketing goes.


1. Digital Marketing

The digital platforms available to consumers are mind blowing, as is the uptake. How often have you waited to view the video you selected online while an advertisement runs?

Don’t get mad, GET EVEN!

Join the ever growing list of brands that have taken to the internet and digitized their video message delivery. When you have an internet presence suddenly your company has gone Global. Also it can prove to be an inexpensive way to increase search visibility, with video said to be 50 times more likely to rank in searches as opposed to average sized text.

2. Personal Touch

Consumers and people in general are getting smarter and as a result brands need to get smarter in the way they communicate. We need to start tailoring message delivery to the way the public is overwhelmingly saying it wants to consume.

Not that long ago we happily accepted that the Networks were the only choice of what we watch on TV. Fast forward to now and we have complete control on what we watch, when we watch it and how we choose to watch it. With the uptake in subscriptions to platforms like Stan, Netflix, Presto etc. we have a world of entertainment at our disposal. We can view on TVs, notebooks, tablets or mobiles.

What this proves is consumers want more choice as well as the ability to choose. And it also shows that video and the moving picture are more popular now than ever and will only continue to grow in 2016.

People are wired to relate positively to faces. This is a large reason that video works. It is also a key driver behind the building of trust through video for brand.

Video gives your clients and potential clients a feeling of intimacy with your brand. They become familiar with the personality of your company and have an intimacy with your brand. Videos can be engaging, emotional and best of all tell the story you want to tell.

Content on websites from your company also helps build trust and cement the notion that you are in fact experts in your field. Plus video is easier to digest and more memorable than simple written text. In fact, retention of message is up to 65% for video as opposed to 10% for text alone.

3. Mobile Video and Social Media

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to mention a few have whole heartedly embraced video.

What this means is that your video now has the capacity to be in the palm of everybodies hand almost immediately. The sale of smart phones has now outstripped the sale of desk top computers. More and more of us are now becoming truly mobile, as could your video.

With Facebook, video now plays automatically in the users feed. This prompts a quick click to experience the video. All this coupled with the fact that video is proven to keep your client or potential client on your page longer really does tell a story.

4. Sharing

Digital formats are being shared around the world in a click of a button. Your video, once online has the potential to be shared just as quick. Television advertising is charged on a per showing rate, put simply every time your ad is on TV, you are charged. This is not the case with video online as some of your most ardent marketers are in fact your customers. If you create an engaging and entertaining video people are likely to share the video on your behalf, via Facebook, Twitter etc.

The capacity with video comments has created an open forum of opinion sharing. This provides immediate and first hand interaction from your clients and potential clients. It will also help you tailor your products to what your demographic want. More often than not these comments provide a real insight to how consumers see you. The comments in these forums provide a wonderful focus group, enabling you a touch point with the people consuming your product. As a happy coincidence the amount of troll type comments has decreased as they have no where to hide in this format. Like the statistics suggest one million minutes of video is shared every single second.

5. Interactive Video

Interactive video is now being utilized through apps so that the platform is even more mobile and readily accessed. If you are in the process of developing an app to serve your business think seriously about interactive video.

The rise of Interactive Video is another trend that is set to sky-rocket. So what is it? If you imagine a normal video it is a relatively passive experience for the viewer. Interactive video uses prompts from the viewer to direct them to the content they are searching for.

By using this format you can embed links to various areas of your business as well as track the habits of where your viewers are going. It is a unique and brilliant way of showing more offerings from your company all while you hook the interest of the viewer with one simple video. You are giving the user more mobility and choice of what to watch and as we know with the upsurge in membership of things like Netflix and Stan people are relishing the ability to choose what they watch.

And finally, an expert tip…

With the festive season upon us, it’s the best time for all the amateur film makers to capture their special moments. Handy hint, if you are using a GoPro for the first time, make sure it is pointing the right way, unlike this visitor to Las Vegas…


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