5 ways… to use video at your next trade show or exhibition

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Whether you’re an exhibitor or a delegate, one thing is certain of trade shows – there’s a lot going on! Large venues, hundreds of people, noise and networking – all designed to showcase the best people, products and services a business has to offer.  But how do you cut through the clutter and make your stand – stand out? Incorporating video into your exhibition space is the perfect way to bring your stand to life and catch the eye of people passing by.

We’ve helped many organizations like CGU Insurance, Edlyn Foods and Elite Caravans develop video content for exhibitions, trade shows and conferences. We’ve picked up a few tricks along the way about what works – so here are our top five tips to make video work at your next trade show:

Portable-LCD-LED-font-b-tv-b-font-font-b-stand-b-font-exibition-product-font.jpg_220x2201. Create a video loop

Edit your video content to make a snappy, appealing showreel. People won’t sit down and attentively watch your video in this environment so it’s important to get their attention quickly. Pick the best elements of your video content so people get a sense of what you are offering in a few seconds.

2. Focus on the visuals, less on sound

There is a lot of noise – literally and figuratively at trade shows. People probably won’t hear your videos, so focusing on the best visuals is a must.  Choose the most compelling visuals to represent your organsiation and people will be more likely to stop and take a look.

3. Use titles and subtitles to emphasise key points

Don’t let that valuable testimonial of your business go unheard! If you’re showing client testimonials, use subtitles to ensure people understand what is being said above the sound of the exhibition. The use of title slides is also a must in this setting. Use text to introduce concepts and topics as well as highlight key messages.

4. Don’t hide your video

Think about where to place your plasma screen/s – it doesn’t have to be up the back behind your table. Bring those valuable visuals to the front so people passing by can see what you have to offer. As helpful as your stand representatives might be – video can do a lot of the work for you, so make sure it’s visible and prominent.

5. Call to action – Link to the people that are physically there

Like any other marketing video, there needs to be a reason to watch, a reason to take action at the end. Exhibitions provide a unique chance to talk to customers face-to-face. Emphasise this opportunity in your video by referring to the helpful staff that can answers questions and provide advice right there and then.

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