5 Video Production Trends for 2023

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The top 5 video production trends that will keep you current and enable you to create high-quality, engaging content are covered in this video.

  1. AI will significantly improve production efficiency in the video industry, which will benefit both producers and clients by freeing up more time for creative work. We already employ a variety of AI technologies on a regular basis for tasks including transcribing interviews, creating subtitles, and even smoothly altering the length of music recordings. There is still a lot to learn about, though, including editing, helping with writing, creating video summaries, and even creating original images that might be used as a video backdrop.
  1. Customised stock footage for businesses: Last year, several of our customers embraced this trend. Businesses seek to highlight their distinctive features, which can’t be found on sites with generic stock video, such as their employees, locations, goods, and services. After the video team has captured the overlay footage, it may be posted to your internal media library and archives for use by everyone in the company, including marketing, training, and communications.
  1. Live and pre-recorded videos for hybrid events: Pre-recorded event and presentation videos have grown in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. The flexibility that pre-recorded videos provide is one of its key benefits. However, it’s becoming more and more common to witness live event presenters engaging with pre-recorded material that is frequently transmitted to a live internet audience.
  1. Video-based learning: Despite the fact that more platforms now provide greater involvement, the move to remote work and online learning has also resulted in a rise in demand for these courses. There is also the issue of out-of-date training materials and information, not to mention the fact that older video resources just don’t meet viewers’ expectations in terms of quality.
  1. Content that tells stories: This fad is here to stay. Whether for a company or an individual, video storytelling enables a deeper emotional and intimate relationship with the audience.

Being honest, it was challenging to limit the list to just five trends; given the impact that video content has on training, marketing, and communications, I could easily have added 10 or more.

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