5 reasons why video is used for Internal Communications

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FACT: Video is the perfect way to deliver a consistent message to a wide audience.

1. Humanise the message

More and more, businesses are discovering the value of inspiring their staff, shareholders and customers with Video. People will be much more engaged when watching a message through Video rather than reading text from a newsletter or email. Video humanises your message by putting a face to the name, a personality to the face and delivering a message anywhere in the world simultaneously.

For smaller firms that may have reps in multiple locations to larger organisations that have thousands of employees in hundreds of markets, one factor can bring them all together as one: Video.

For larger companies that consist of a number of departments and have hundreds if not thousands of employees, Video can allow one department to deliver a message to the wider organisation. Before Video, this may have been a difficult process. Now everyone can stay connected and up to date on the latest news. Video also helps unify your staff, shareholders and customers to gain a greater knowledge about all aspects of the business. It’s a great way to induct new staff and contractors and it’s even an option to consider when recruiting new staff.

2. It’s time efficient and cost effective

Often staff are required to spend huge amounts of time on road shows presenting the latest service and product offerings. Video has the potential to deliver exactly the same message for a fraction of the time and cost. Do you really need to be there in person? Can’t a video make your job easier? Video allows anyone in the world to view your message at any time of the day by a simple click of a button.

3. Showcase to selected customers and partners

Of course, your internal Video doesn’t have to be restricted to viewing by people within your business. Every business has products and services they need to promote to select clients instead of the general public. A great example is a business that releases new products every month. Often this product would not be available to the public for a few months, but Video allows you to introduce the product to your resellers beforehand so they can start planning ahead. Instead of spending time travelling to meet resellers face to face, there is far greater scope to attract and maintain relationships by simply producing and distributing videos every month. It keeps them in the loop about what is coming up and allows you to tell more people in more detail, more often about the latest information on your products.

4. Staff show and tell

Often the best ideas for an organisation come from those at the coalface, not always from the leadership team. Video is a great way for staff in certain areas to promote their ideas to the wider organisation. Everyone in the organisation is an expert in their field, why not educate and inspire fellow staff members from other areas.

5. Distribution is simple

There are so many options as far as distribution for your internal comms, the most popular today is online via a business intranet system. Don’t have one? Speak to us about helping you set up a custom web portal to store and showcase your videos – all with your own branding. Keep up to date with stats on video views and when and where people watch. And the most important thing is that you can make it strictly confidential so those only with passwords can view the content or you can make the video available to a wide public audience.

Visual Culture has a proven track record for producing high quality, engaging and cost effective Internal Communication videos. Contact us today to find out more…


CGU Insurance
Over 3500 employees Australia wide
Main role for Video:
Internal Communications makes up 90% of CGU’s video productions. Videos are produced for various departments within the business as well as business partners and shareholders.
Number of Videos produced:
Average of 2-5 per month
Types of Videos:
* Company updates such as Financial Results from the CEO and the Leadership Team
* Shareholder updates
* Launches of new products and services to showcase to staff and business partners
* Staff introductions from different departments
* Hype reels for conferences
* Training sessions on procedures, products and services
* Major event coverage
* Video addition as part of written tenders for new business
* Video series promoting CGU’s 160 Year Anniversary

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