The 3 essentials of a new job

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Taking on a new role can be tricky at the best of times however there are three essential ingredients that can make a transition seamless and give you peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision. In September I started as Production Manager with Visual Culture and just two months in I can say that I’m still proudly holding onto my motto of ‘do what you love’ and thoroughly enjoying the role.

During the first meeting with the team I was silently ticking off my list of 3, knowing that by the end of the discussion that if the role was offered my answer would be a resounding yes (and when can I start?)

It’s nice to now be able to reflect on whether my intuition was on the money.

#1 – Good People

Working with good people is super important. We all want to be able to relate to the people we are surrounded by, to trust them and to have a laugh and a chat even when the pressure is on.

More and more organisations and small businesses are realising the value of a positive workplace culture. They notice how it can impact staff wellbeing and often flow directly on to enhanced productivity and success with external client relationships.

Led by Simon Holt, Visual Culture has a great team and given that it’s got culture in the name you can bet that it’s workplace culture is spot on! Behind the scenes it’s relaxed with a strong emphasis on communication and understanding of priorities, both inside and outside the workplace. From an external perspective Simon has built an admirable rapport with clients. The easy, friendly nature of the Visual Culture team is often commented on as one of the main reasons why clients have continued to return to the company for video production.

#2 Good Product

My very first job was working in a handbag store after school. It was a cheap chain handbag store and was as awful as it sounds. The handbags were ugly and I had zero interest in selling them. Unsurprisingly I didn’t last long but I did learn a valuable lesson. Don’t work with something you don’t believe in or that doesn’t excite you. This lesson has spurred me on to work for some incredible organisations and with many awesome people all over the world and now of course, back home, with Visual Culture.

I was first attracted to the role with Visual Culture because of what the business is able to offer – clever video content and video production. In my own small business I had quickly worked out that video was the easiest and most effective way to communicate with my target market. Video has taken over every social media platform and it’s number one on all of our devices. The demand and need for a professional video production company that is approachable and can work with businesses of all sizes has never been greater. I love being able to now play a part in seeing the smallest of ideas transition into superb video that can do exactly what is needed – to educate, to inform, to sell or to just simply entertain. Work doesn’t feel like work when you can find a product or service that you believe in.

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#3 Flexibility

Flexibility in our working hours and work location used to be a ‘nice to have’. Now with a young family it’s a necessity. Visual Culture has been so great in understanding this and offering the flexibility I need to get the most out of every day. It’s not just about me though. This third ingredient also applies to the way the business works. Clients need flexibility extended to them too. There are times when a video is urgent or an opportunity last minute. In my short time here watching Visual Culture provide its clients with the flexibility they need has probably been the biggest stand out. The team genuinely wants to see its clients succeed with video and if that takes a longer shoot or a tight turn around or an extra film day then so be it. The end result will be worth it. It’s a calm environment to work in that brings out the best in people and the product.

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It’s always nice to reflect and even better to know that your initial instincts were right. A few months in and all of my top 3 essentials for a new job have stacked up with Visual Culture. I’m thrilled to be part of the team and look forward to working with you.

What are the three essential things you look for in a job?

If you are like me and know that video is super important for your business but perhaps don’t know where to start then get in touch. I’d be happy to help and talk you through the process.

Amanda Jacobs

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