What to expect when you are interviewed

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So you are all set to make a Bespoke Video extolling the virtues of your company. The key to any type of video presentation is to use it as a tool to introduce existing and new clients to what you offer. No video can cover everything you do as a company, and should act as a snapshot.

Find below a guide to assist you in preparing and making the most out of the filming day. It is important to be ready when the cameras begin rolling so that you are getting the most value for your investment.

The most important step is deciding what you want the end product to look like. Have a framework in position so that you are not second-guessing your way through the process. Decide early who you want to speak and what areas they are to cover.

  • Know your topics and practice staying on topic. The video camera is exactly like any other potential client. Be friendly and knowledgeable. If you meander between topics you will loose the viewer and impact. Keep fact based material and statistics to a minimum remembering the main purpose of any video is to garner interest, details can be given to the client at a later stage.
  • From experience think of a list of frequently-asked questions and incorporate answers into your video. Also use that sales pitch you give to every client. If you use this pitch a lot it is because it works and you believe in it.
  • Write down a rough script of what you want to say. And stick to it. You need not memorise it, just be familiar with the content. Moments of inspiration half way through filming are best left alone.
  • Make certain the people to be involved on the day of filming are given plenty of notice and are prepared. Preparation and practice prevent poor performance.
  • Have a seat where you want the filming to take place. And just listen. Clean audio is essential and you will be surprised how noisy some environments are. Choose a site to film that is not burdened by a loud hum of air conditioning, is not a busy thoroughfare, and can have phones and computers quietened whilst filming is occurring.
  • Consider your surrounds. It may look spectacular outside your boardroom window but is the building behind you giving your competitor a free plug? Nice even light will always work best. The background is not the star of the video so it should be just that, the background.
  • What to wear…You will have a style of dress that you favour on a daily basis. It is best to stick to this. Avoid ostentatious clothing patterns, noisy materials, shirts with fine lines, noisy jewellery and too much make up.
  • A camera crew can be daunting, however we are adept at getting the best presentation out of all our clients. Try and see the camera as an extension of your sales arm and be ready for your big meeting with it. On the day we will make things as comfortable as we can for you. As we always say…we have plenty of time, plenty of tape and plenty of patience.

The best videos always come about via a chain of great organization and preparedness. Consult with us throughout the project, just as you are captains of your industry, we too are captains of ours. We all want to achieve a finished video production that is rich, professional and sells the sizzle of your company. Because we all live in a Visual Culture.

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