Video is the king of content

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Have you considered how one simple video can turn into a multitude of media content assets?

No? Well, let me explain how it can.

Hi there, Simon from Visual Culture here and today, I want to chat about delivering content across multiple platforms.

Now this year I’ve been doing a lot of business development, listening to a lot of podcasts and having a lot of coaching. And it turns out, there’s one common theme: Delivering your content across multiple platforms.

What I mean by this is taking a video asset and turning it into different media formats to use across all mediums to get the most out of your investment and to minimise time spent creating content.

A good example of this is maybe if you have delivered a 1/2 hour presentation to a small audience during an event recently – or even an internal staff meeting meant to inspire and motivate. Now why should you restrict all that great content in that great speech to just that audience? What if you could get a small film crew to attend, and they’re quite happy to give you the video content for you to post on your own website and promote through your social media channels? Great!

But it doesn’t stop there.

The next step is to actually send that video off to a transcription service, somewhere like and have them produce subtitles for your video.

Now that you’ve obtained that transcription, you can then quite easily use the .txt files to turn it into a blog. Maybe a little bit of editing, would be involved, but with a small time investment, can pop it up on your website to drive up SEO. It’s going to contain is some great keyword-rich content which is going to help drive traffic as well – BONUS!

Now with that transcription, you can actually delve into it and find some great quotes from the transcribed content. Why? Because they’re going to be perfect tweets for Twitter. Best thing is, out of this one 3 minute video you may get about 10-12 fantastic, engaging quotes, meaning you could post one a day for the next couple of weeks!

But let’s not stop there!!! We’re on a roll!

Let’s take those 10-12 quotes and send it off to your graphic designer/ marketing wiz! Give them a bit of a brief, and they will come back to you with engaging and highly effective social media posts that you can put on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! FAB!

…And then of course, the format that more and more bigger companies are using… you can use the audio from that 30-minute presentation to make your first episode of your very own PODCAST. You can’t get much better than that.

There you have it! You can see how that one 30-minute presentation shouldn’t just be restricted to the audience in attendance. You’ve now got weeks, if not months of great content to spread across multiple platforms – meaning your investment in video has grown from one platform, to numerous platforms engaging more potential clients than ever before!

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