Training and development videos

Videos that educate and inform.

  • Safety training videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Online video course
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Instructional videos
  • E-learning video modules
  • Learning & development
  • Interactive video content
  • Role play/scenario based training
  • Software feature tutorials
  • Induction videos
  • Educational video content

The benefits of training, learning and development videos

  • Improves information retention: Many people learn best through watching and hearing. Video provides an engaging medium for explaining important concepts. 
  • Provides a safe workplace: Training videos communicate health and safety protocols clearly and effectively no matter where people are.  
  • Boosts staff engagement: Professional induction videos give a strong first impression and provides the information new employees need to start their role.  
  • Models real-world scenarios: Role plays and simulations can be powerful learning tools.
  • Builds understanding: Showing – rather than telling – gives potential customers or partners a clearer picture of how your products and services work.  

How to use 
training, learning and development videos 

Training can be expensive, however with video training aids you can stretch your investment. 

  • Build video into the employee induction and training process – particularly with remote staff
  • Make your online learning modules more interactive by including video components
  • Use video as a learning tool to demonstrate a procedure, technique or conversation
  • Include product demonstrations on your sales pages

What our clients love

“Visual Culture has been supplying the OHS team at Chandler Macleod with safety process training videos for 4 years. With help from Visual Culture, all of Chandler Macleod’s OHS training modules are now in video format, which has increased efficiency and engagement.”
Quentin Hearn – OHS Manager, CHANDLER MACLEOD

The feedback was 100% positive, people were very impressed with the production quality, the voiceover and the overall watchability of the videos. Thank you for keeping us on track amongst the long hours, schedule and script changes, edits etc. Your professionalism is evident in the finished product.”
Ben Astbury – Safety & Wellbeing Business Partner, PRICELINE/API

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