Client: Sofitel
Highlights Video, Branded Content


This luxury hotel is located at one of the busiest airports in the world, London Heathrow’s Terminal 5. The 5 star hotel features 605 rooms plus 45 meeting rooms and conference facilities. World renowned restaurants and shops also call Sofitel London Heathrow home.


To produce a promotional video that was unlike your standard hotel video. The idea was to engage the audience on a deeper level at this 5 star hotel, showcasing many of it’s high end features.


The recce alone took over a day to go through all aspects of the hotel. For such a huge hotel with such a variety of facilities, there were a number of key messages to portray:

It was a perfect place to stay and refresh after a long flight whether for personal, family or business groups.
Everything you could possibly need is located within the hotel.
Strong emphasis on the business facilities

After developing the initial concept, we set about developing the script based around 2 individuals and their 24 hours at the hotel. The story interweaved throughout showing business, leisure and lifestyle activities. We then spent 3 days filming virtually every feature of the hotel, with 2 actors playing a fantastic role. Then back in post production, we edited a number of different versions of the video for various media distributions.


The first screening of the video in Sofitel’s own auditorium was very well received. All members of the Sofitel and Arora staff were extremely pleased with the end result and the entire production process.


“We were extremely happy with the professionalism and attitude of Visual Culture”