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Royal Australasian College of Surgeons


Visual Culture has produced a number of training video scenarios for the Royal College of Surgeons to help educate their team on best practices when working with each other. A strong message to deliver was showcasing the change in mindset when working with others of a differing skillset, experience and even culture.

The scenarios focus on a typical situation where dialogue in conversations may not be delivered in the most effective form. These included limited time and stressful situations, understanding patience, providing feedback for a mutually beneficial outcome and how to manage difficult behaviour.

Visual Culture provided script consolation where required prior to filming, the scripts themselves were developed by the RACS team which needed to be very specific to terminology, tone and delivery. The scenarios we have filmed featured a combination of actors and the RACS team, with all providing a level of authenticity. We also look to maximise the filming scheduling to get the most out of production.

The video series have been a success being implemented in ongoing internal training platforms.