Corporate Video

Pacific Urethanes


Recognising the significance of visual storytelling in conveying their sustainability achievements, Pacific Urethanes grasps the pivotal role of a promotional video in complementing their awards submission. Through dynamic visuals and compelling narration, the video serves as a powerful medium to illustrate the depth of their commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation, enhancing their chances of recognition and showcasing their leadership in the industry.


Pacific Urethanes presents a groundbreaking initiative in sustainability with their introduction of HFC free technology, aiming to propel the journey towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Their commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric, as evidenced by their decade-long dedication to redefining their operations with environmental responsibility at the forefront. This includes a strategic shift in focus from internal environmental management to addressing the entire value chain, particularly targeting the significant contribution of blowing agents to CO2 emissions in polyurethane production.

Through 2800 hours of research and development, Pacific Urethanes has successfully engineered HFC free technology, revolutionizing their product formulations with alternative raw materials sourced globally. This innovation, accompanied by rigorous testing and collaboration with customers, ensures optimal performance while significantly reducing environmental impact. By reformulating 95% of their products to be HFC free and aiming for complete conversion by the end of 2024, Pacific Urethanes anticipates cumulative CO2 savings of 188,000 tonnes over the next decade. Their unwavering dedication to sustainability sets a powerful example, shaping a greener and more sustainable future for all.


“Simon Holt from Visual Culture was exceptional. The team at Pacific Urethanes loved his work and the video production he did telling our story was amazing. Simon was easy to work with, he was patient, understood the brief well and delivered two different videos within 3-4 weeks. We can’t thank Simon enough for what he has done for us”.