Corporate Video

Frontier Advisors

Visual Culture’s partnership with Frontier Advisors underscores their commitment to crafting dynamic and engaging video content tailored to their client’s specific needs. Central to this collaboration is the production of a series of team profile videos designed to populate Frontier Advisors’ ‘meet the team’ website page. Spending a day at the Frontier Advisors offices, Visual Culture meticulously captures the essence of 5-8 team members, conducting insightful interviews that delve into their roles, career trajectories, and experiences working with Frontier. Additionally, the team ensures the inclusion of relevant overlay footage, providing viewers with a comprehensive glimpse into the company’s culture and work environment.

These team profile videos serve a dual purpose, not only offering valuable insights to prospective clients but also acting as a powerful recruitment tool to attract top talent to join Frontier Advisors. By showcasing the diverse expertise and passion of their team members, Visual Culture helps Frontier Advisors position itself as an attractive employer within the financial advisory industry. Through authentic storytelling and compelling visuals, these videos resonate with viewers, fostering a deeper connection with the company and compelling talented professionals to consider Frontier Advisors as their next career destination.