An intuitive approach

Visual Culture was born from a desire for marketing video directly to existing and potential clients of your business. We set about defining the key areas video for business assists and tailor these to each individuals needs.

From the outset we work in conjunction with you to realize your ultimate goal. Even if you are unsure at first what it is you want to achieve, our advice will prove invaluable. From initial ideas through to conceptualizing, storyboarding and scripting and then onto editing and distribution our service is professional, experienced and helpful. In the end our aim is to take all the hard work out of the process.

We help with video marketing to all kinds of distribution networks including web video, social media, television, DVD & Blu-Ray, mobile phones… wherever you need your video to be seen, we can make it happen!

Our MD Simon explains why video is so important to the overall Customer Experience for your brand…

Our Team

Simon Holt – Managing Director/Creative Director

Simon founded Visual Culture in 2010 on the back of over a decade in the video and broadcast television industry. Fast forward six years and he is now the Managing Director of  a very talented team of experts.

Simons skill set ranges from creative directing, to full service editing and camera work. He is a polished all rounder who runs his business for his clients. He believes in our ethos of video being tailored to clients, and works very hard to keep every video unique, entertaining and relevant.

Simon has worked both in Australia and the U.K. He has work in the corporate sectors, TV, training videos and service industries. He keeps a very close eye on all content that leaves Visual Culture and when the video is right, which they always are, it is because Simon sets a high precedent and expects perfection from both himself and his team.

Danny O’Loughlin – Director/Writer/Producer

Danny started out in the industry as an actor, but quickly lost all his hair and all his parts. He has since found a home behind the camera.

He is by far the most talkative and lively of the team. This is both a blessing and a curse. He never shuts up. A veteran of over a decade in the successful TV programs as a director, writer and producer, he understands timeframes and pleasing clients.

His ability to script even very complex material into something easy to comprehend is a real asset to the team. He is fantastic with clients and quickly builds relationships, which results in great tailored video content.

His real talent is in interviewing. He has a natural empathy with people of all walks of life and this transcends his interviews. Even the most nervous of participants immediately feel at ease under his questioning.

Ben Holt – Production Assistant

Ben has always had a love of the moving image. So much so that he has made a profession of the passion. He has completed an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media (Film and TV), at Swinburne Institute of technology.

He comes to Visual Culture exuding the enthusiasm of a young man with a mission. A young man, mind you, who is a veteran of three Australian Opens working for ESPN/The Tennis Channel, numerous short films and several corporate productions. Ben counts amidst his talents a keen eye for editing, camera work and the ability to sound record. Given his grasp of multi facets of the production process he is a natural production assistant with a good instinctive understanding of pre production.

Be warned never get him started on statistics for tennis, table tennis or professional wrestling. If you need proof just ask Tennis Great and Grand Slam Winner, Jim Courier, often going straight to Ben for advice on tennis stats and figures during broadcast.

Glen Hall – Camera/Producer/Editor

Although not officially a member of staff, Glen is certainly part of the furniture. Glen is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Nothing is too hard for him. Glen is the most experienced member of the team mainly because he is the oldest.

Twenty years of experience started in the Seven news team as a camera man. Since then he has honed his craft and added more skills to his CV. These skills include editing, lighting and audio. As a freelance operator Glen has built solid experience in corporate, TV, documentary and the service sectors.

Glen has also been lucky enough to work both here and throughout Europe. He barracks for Richmond, not that it’s important, we just like people to know he has faults.

About the Team

Visual Culture use only the very best crew. Our production team; cameramen, editors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, sound recordists and more come with many years experience in video production including television broadcast, corporate video, documentary, film, safety training, education video, promotional video and social media backgrounds.

We can accommodate video production not only in Melbourne, but nationwide and globally. Our team have produced a vast number of video productions in different corners of the world including the UK, the USA, Europe, Asia and the UAE for major corporations as well as countless small business videos.

Some of our members have in front of camera experience. This translates to an ability to empathise with your on air talent. And when it comes to post production, our editors are unique. Sure they are top quality editors that know the software inside out, but our point of difference is understanding exactly what message needs to be conveyed in the video. It’s sometimes about taking initiative, trying different styles but ultimately delivering to the brief and client’s satisfaction.

We work together throughout the process so that the delivery of your finished product is the result of continuity and teamwork.