Every business needs to tell their unique story


Are you keen to produce video content but daunted by the prospect?

Perhaps your competitors have embraced video content in their communications and you need to catch up?

Or it may be a case that your business currently uses video content but needs an effective way to produce more content?

We know from experience that video is one of the most engaging ways to connect with your audience. Because of this we want to see more businesses embrace video.

Book in a free 30 minute strategy session to delve further into your ideas for video content, understand more about the production process and how easily you can create your own videos. As every business is unique and the needs for video content are varied, we expect to have very different conversations where we can share our expertise. After our chat, we will supply you with a custom PDF outlining some of the strategies and solutions we discussed.

No obligations, normally we charge $1000 for an introductory strategy call. This is a great opportunity to find out more about how your business can embrace video.


Lean on our experience to bring your ideas to life

FREE Strategy Session

Visual Culture has set an ambitious goal; to see every business use video.

The truth is, producing video content in your business is a clear winner – whether it be to an internal or external audience – we all know how important video content is.

We are confident in sharing ideas on how any business, from the one man band to the large multinational, can use video. And the great thing about video is that it appeals to a wide variety of roles:

  • The HR manager looking to recruit the best talent
  • The safety manager whose responsibility is to keep the workplace safe
  • The marketing manager tasked with exposing the company’s brand to a wide audience
  • The senior leaders wanting to send a personalized message to the wider business.

You get the picture….

We know how good video is for business and so we want to see more businesses embrace it.

For the first time we are offering new clients a free video strategy call. We’re going to help you get started by simply sharing our knowledge with you. No strings, no obligations just a quick chat to get you on your way.

Every video project is unique and we are sure to have unique conversations. Some of the details we will discuss with you include:

  • How are you currently using video in your business?
  • When is it time to hire the professionals or are there projects you can DIY
  • How to you want to use video content more for your business?
  • Have you seen other businesses using video effectively and you want to know more of the secrets
  • What factors go in to pricing for various video projects
  • What’s involved in writing an effective video brief.
  • And so much more…

After we chat we’ll also send you through a 2 pager with ideas on everything we discussed and video solutions you can implement to meet your business challenges and goals.

Get your business started with video today.

Video is now part of any solid marketing plan and if it’s not on yours yet we can help get you started in a quick chat.


We know that every video project is unique. That’s why we have come up with a price guide reference for an easy understanding of the types of videos that can be produced with various production days.

Accounts for concept development, planning, briefing sessions, storyboarding and scriptwriting.

includes the crew filming on location whether it be a CEO message, covering an event or series of social media videos.

This is where it all comes together – the editing, motion graphics, sound design and colour grade.

And of course there are the added extras such as actors, voiceover artists, studio hire, photography, travel outside Melbourne and Sydney metro areas and more.

Here are just a few examples, on average, of what those production days could be used for:
* Please note, each production day accounts for each crew member whether it be Writers, Directors, Camera Operators, Editors etc.

3 days production starting from


– 4x social media videos

– 3x product videos

– 2x events covered with highlights videos

– 2x corporate video messages

– 2x 60 second animated explainer videos

6 days production starting from


– 8x social media videos

– 5x product videos

– 3x events covered with highlights videos

– 1x corporate documentary

– 3x animated explainer videos

10 days production starting from


– 12x social media videos

– 10x product videos

– 4x events covered with highlights videos

– Series of short corporate videos

– 6x animated explainer videos

– 1x custom produced safety training video

Branded content & promotional

Your special product or service can languish on a shelf or it can be showcased to a wide audience using the power of video marketing. Don’t get left behind.

Corporate Video

Why let your competitors have the edge? Whether you need a business video delivered to staff and suppliers or video advertising detailing everything you have to offer. We can help.

Event coverage

For those that were there to relive the moment. For those that missed out but want to see the highlights. For those that need to be reached. We have awesome video event packages.

We are all about nurturing relationships


Some businesses seem to use video effortlessly in their communication. Ever wondered how they do it? Like most things in business, they seek help from people who use video every single day.

Visual Culture helps businesses understand how to create video, when to use it, how much it will cost and where and how the finished video can be distributed. Sometimes we just offer guidance to a business who is keen to create the video themselves and other times we help a business from start to finish as an extension of their team. We help develop the initial creative, find the talent, get to know the best location, film and then through the post production process we produce a finished video that will connect with your audience.

Perhaps you just need some help getting started and some guidance on the tools available to create video for your own business?

After 20+ years producing 1000’s of videos for all types of businesses distributed to all kinds of media platforms, we love to brainstorm and develop ideas on how to tackle video messages

Sometimes we just need to face our fears head on. Video no longer needs to be a scary or daunting task. Once you know the steps involved you’ll be making videos regularly.

Let’s get you visually ready for business.

Ready to get started on you next video?

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