By producing a pre-recorded virtual event, you have full control. 

At the time of writing this guide, the world is in the midst of a different way of doing business, particularly the events sector. Live event plans have been switched to virtual events. These high profile, annual events are essential for any business and finding an alternative to deliver this information is critical.

A virtual event means you can reach a greater audience globally.

You can recruit different speakers from any location.

And for your attendees, it will be cheaper to attend.

While live streamed events have become popular, pre-recorded event videos should be high on your list of considerations to deliver a great viewer experience for your team, customers and stakeholders.

There are many great advantages to the pre-record option:

  • You can edit down more information into a shorter duration
  • You have the ability to record multiple takes of presentations so only the best content is shown to your audience
  • You can get creative with more production tools and equipment
  • You can potentially fit more into your event schedule, such as more segments and more presenters
  • And the potential of technical issues with live-streaming can be minimised

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This guide has been developed for people in a range of roles across various industries that are responsible for organising and delivering events for their organisation. In 2020, we have all had to adapt to our way of working and sharing information – and we expect this trend to continue into 2021.

As you can see from the table of contents listed on the image to the side, we cover aspects of the pros and cons of pre-recorded vs live. There is a 7 step process for planning, production and then outcomes after the event. We share a case study from one of our clients who has had great success with pre-recorded events. And we also cover other interesting elements such as Covid safe filming practices.

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