Client: Stroke Foundation
Clinical Guidelines
Educational, Brand Video


The Stroke Foundation’s Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management 2017 cover all aspects of stroke care, from initial acute treatment through to rehabilitation, discharge from hospital and rejoining the community. Their clinical guidelines needed to be accompanied by easy-to-follow and informative visual communication to ensure that the messages were put across to their audience efficiently and effectively. Their aim was to create an informative video explaining the guideline and it’s meaning to it’s audience, whilst showing why it’s important through engaging visuals.


The images that we were able to capture by visiting Caulfield Hospital were incredibly powerful for the message that we were trying to convey. We were able to film with a young stroke survivor and even learn about the different rehabilitation resources in the gym and outside the gym that increase mobility and quality of life. The end product really highlights the sensitive subject in a positive light, with easy-to-follow audio and a range of supporting imagery to really drive the message home.

The power of video can never be undersold. It is a medium that can educate, stimulate and sell. You give us the easel and we will paint your masterpiece.

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