Client: Rich Webb Music
Stoner – Music Video
Creative, Music Video


Rich Webb approached us a few years ago to create a video for his single Stray Horse Canyon, and again this year, he gave Simon (our Creative Director & Founder) complete free reign on creative for his new single, Stoner. Simon took on this challenge and it ended up being one of the most ambitious productions we’ve ever done! It took several weeks of pre-production to bring this video to life, and over 14 hours of filming in one day to make it happen.

We had a crew of 8-10 and a cast of 14 to hire, manage and source wardrobe for. Simon created the script based on the message that the song Stoner conveys – which is that of misconception and wrong judgments. His idea was to have stereotypical characters auctioned off in a very strange event to audience members that were just as stereotypical. The opposites of the characters being auctioned off bid and won – which created unease for not only the characters, but also the viewers of this video!

However, when the video reveals a hotel scene where the couples are put together alone in a room, what you think would happen, doesn’t. We are faced with embarrassment as our thoughts take us to the worst case scenario, when it fact, every outcome has a positive and innocent outcome.

Throughout the video, Rich is seen singing away as if he’s the narrator of this story, following the journey our characters go on through song.

We are so incredibly proud of the outcome of this video and they way it represents the song. Our cast were phenomenal, our crew were professional and dedicated to the cause.

The power of video can never be undersold. It is a medium that can educate, stimulate and sell. You give us the easel and we will paint your masterpiece.

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