Client: Palin Communications
Project: Christmas in Chaos
Style: Light-hearted men’s health awareness video

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH, ever heard of it? If the answer is no you are not alone.

Basically put, it is a non-cancerous enlarging of the Prostate. The effect of this disease is quite often that nodules can grow in size, to a point where it affects the ability of the urethra to allow the free flow of urine.

In men this can mean very weakened streams as well as constant urges to urinate. This happens all day as well as all night. As you can well imagine this sort of urge would make for considerable disruption to a mans life.

Whether you like it or not, men, of which I am one, have a large reluctance to get to the doctor. Unfortunately medical intervention is key to relief of the symptoms.

When Palin Communications came to us, these were some of the factors of highest relevance. How do we say to men, hey listen, head out of the sand. Do you understand the disruption to normal can be catastrophic, and avoidable?

Client Brief
Palin Communications are a slick outlet. They work with some of the biggest names in the industry. And when they look for a production company partner, our number is the first they call.

The initial brief was just that, brief. The team at Visual Culture have already worked on one multi award winning awareness campaign for BPH, so the details were spared.

They did however mention that they wanted to leverage of the idea that perhaps poor old Santa Claus was suffering BPH, what would Christmas look like. They obviously know the best way to get Visual Culture engaged is to mention Christmas, so we were away.

Our approach
The disruption to a sufferer’s life was to be the focus of the campaign. What would happen to Christmas if Santa was suffering BPH. How would he deliver all his gifts in time, if he was constantly held up with an overwhelming and seemingly never ending urge to urinate?

We, in conjunction with Palin, came up with a hash tag to hang the campaign on, #seatsupforsanta. It was reasoned that the only way the big man could get around to all the households with his obvious issues was to ensure the seats on all toilets were left up in a desperate bid to save Santa some time.

From there we decided it would be great to have the whole concept revolve around a breaking news story come Christmas morning. Kids the world over devastated by the “No show” of Santa.

The roadblock for this concept was simply that it was to be a globally breaking news story. Now, not many clients have a budget to fly us all around the world, so enter…compromise.

We decided to get an Air BnB house in Central Melbourne with several themed rooms. Each room was different than the last and helped us portray a multi location shoot all in one big house.

We busily set the house up into sections and decorated in the Christmas theme of several of the world’s largest cities. We hired a cracking team of actors who really took to their characters and we filmed all day and well into the night.

The use of various Green screen set ups as well as very clever editing make the footage look like it is from a wide range of very different places and gives an incredible global feel to the events as they unfold.

Spoiler alert… the whole sequence turned out to be just a dream, which is inconsequential, because by the end of the video the audience is well aware of the effects of the disease and our job is done.

Launched onto YouTube, the video enjoyed over 40,000 hits. We then did a slight re packaged with alternate ending to launch into the New Year period, on YouTube this version enjoyed a further 24,000 hits. Palin also put their machine to work through media and social media alike. The total amount of views having to this point reached over 150,000.

A month down the track “Campaign Brief” featured the campaign across their channels to great reception, and no end of thrill in the office.

When you are faced with those that don’t want to listen, behave in a manner they can’t ignore.