Client: Lorella Springs Wilderness Park
Promotional video
Promotional Video


Fronting the Gulf of Carpentaria, just off the Savannah Way in the Northern Territory, Lorella Springs Station is a virtually untouched one million acre property. A dream retreat with a magical atmosphere of solitude and serenity. It is the final frontier of an ever changing world.


Lorella Springs received funding from Tourism NT to produce a 90 second promotional video to showcase their extensive property attractions.


We flew up from Melbourne to Darwin, then it was a 1000km journey to Lorella – 2 days of travelling to get to one of the most remote parts of Australia. Once there, we had 4 days to film as many aspects of the 1 million acre property as possible. This included helicopter tours on each day – one out to the coast of the Gulf of Capricorn to film helifishing, the next day to Lorella’s own Lost City and the last day it was almost like having our own private charter helicopter as we bounced around to a number of different locations. When on the ground, there was plenty of driving to locations along the endless 4WD tracks and plenty of walking. In post production we had over 3 hours of footage to edit into 90 seconds (down the track we will release a director’s cut of the video that includes interviews with staff and guests).


The team at Lorella were extremely pleased with the result, in the short amount of time we were there, we managed to capture the true essence of what Lorella is all about.

“Thank you so very much for your work, we are very happy. I’m sure it will help us with customers that don’t know about Lorella and how much there is to do out here.”  Marie Ades – Marketing Manager, Lorella Springs Station