Client: Formula SAE-A
Project: University Challenge
Style: Event Coverage and Promotional Video

Client brief
Formula SAE is a unique concept. Engineering students from around the world are encouraged to build a racecar from design to execution. The unit of study must include marketing, sponsor generation, build and driver training. Over the course of a weekend in Melbourne at Calder Park Racetrack they are all pitted against each other. All under the watchful eyes of not only their curriculum supervisors but also car industry heavyweights all eagerly ready to poach the best talent on display and give them jobs.

There are two categories, petrol engines and electric. The cars are first safety tested over a series of checks and then finally on the Sunday they are unleashed on the track.

We had to capture the race meeting as well as perform over a dozen in-situ interviews to help tell the story of what Formula SAE is. The interviews were across the chairperson, leading members of the board, students, teachers and sponsors.

The final video was to create buzz about the program to Universities not yet competing, sponsors and the wider car industry.
* Capture the tone and feel of the racetrack.
* Interview a cross section of present and interested parties to create a narrative.
* Show the detail of the event.
* Showcase the talent of the students and the schools involved.
* Create a feeling of being there on the day.
* The final video needs to appeal to academia, sponsors, the car industry and potential employers.

Our Approach

The culmination of all the students’ hard work was a weekend at Calder Park raceway. We started early on the Saturday. As the teams arrived, unloaded their cars and made adjustments to become race ready we were there in a fly on the wall capacity.

As the weekend progressed we canvassed representatives from each of the different countries present. We then sought out the conveners, board members, sponsors and importantly the industries present seeking future employees.

We went behind the scenes through all the rigorous testing, capturing the nerves and excitement of the weekend. We film the highs and the lows to augment our story.

Then on race day we were trackside filming virtually everything that moved. The key to this project was to get as much footage as we could. We were set to create the story based on the interview material we were in the process of shooting. With this in mind we needed to ensure we got enough overlay to cover anything that made the final edit. So shoot, shoot and shoot some more.

We finished our coverage for the weekend by filming all of the presentation section and an interview with the overall winning team. It was then into the edit suite to condense hours of footage down to a four minute, comprehensive account of what had transpired in the weeks and months leading up to that wonderful weekend at Calder.


The brief was varied; as it had to appeal to students and Universities the world over, tell the story of SAE in a detailed but brief fashion. Appeal to sponsors and future employers alike and have a fast paced racing theme.

The team at FSAE loved the final product and our approach over the course of the weekend to fit into a very full schedule in order to not only get our content but also not interrupt their schedule. The team at FSAE Australia is confident the video will hit their intended market and lead to a bigger and better event next year.