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Overview and Instructional Videos


ESS Super is one of Australia’s biggest super funds with more than 137,000 members and over $24 billion in assets as at 30 June 2016. They are a dedicated, not-for-profit super fund serving Victorian emergency services and state employees. Nearly 55,000 people receive a retirement pension, making ESSSuper the second biggest payroll in Victoria.


The opportunity was to deliver a series of engaging and informative videos. The videos will be high-level educational videos for the various stages of a member’s journey with ESSSuper. And will support our proposition about being partners through a member’s career and in retirement. Material will become a web asset and be available for incorporation into relevant campaigns.

There were a number of features that needed to showcase instructions for including:
* What is superannuation?
* Starting out
* Growing
* Approaching retirement
* Retirement transition
* Investment choice


We created a number of characters to best reflect the varied ESS Super customer base. After initial production of the scripts, we then developed detailed storyboards – with hand drawing illustrations to depict each scene. While there was important information to portray, we needed to come up with creative ideas to have the characters interact with different items, text, icons etc. The tone of the videos was lighthearted and warm, while including the ESS Super colour palette for the videos. We stepped away from the simple icon based animations and instead created more realistic characters.