Client: Elite Caravans
Elite Caravans
Highlights Video, Branded Content


Elite Caravans are a leading caravan manufacturer located in Melbourne. They offer a wide range of caravan models from the off road, rugged vans to the luxury class.


Since 2011, Elite have wanted to push the boundaries as far as promotional videos go, to really shake up what other manufacturers had been doing. Every brief has been different – and a lot of fun. Writer/producer Jim Shomos has come up with many clever ways to showcase the caravan range. From short films entered into Tropfest, to actors mocking the likes of George Costanza and Michael Jackson, to a cheesy musical, Elite have covered it all.


Each video sticks to a familiar structure – highlight the main features of a van in a different way, that is both entertaining and informative.


Visual Culture were hired to provide filming and post production work on these videos. Some of these videos have required us to go into remote locations, such as the Victorian high country to really showcase a vans capabilities in an off-road environment. Other videos have been filmed at their showrooms/factory in Campbellfield, while others have featured client testimonials from the Caravan and Camping show – each video is different. For the video you see on this page, we decided to edit our own version of the Dirty Harry video, the Visual Culture Director’s Cut.


Well, the videos are well known in the industry for their tongue-in-cheek approach. Many characters have been developed by Jim and some customers even recite lines from their favourite videos. Cheesy videos at their best, but having everyone remember and talk about them is a great marketing initiative from the guys at Elite.