8 Steps to Producing Effective Video Content

Video content is the most important form of communication.

We continue to see the use of video increase consistently across social media platforms, within email marketing, company training and on websites.

What does this mean for your video content, and how you produce it?

I’ve spoken about this many times over the years, so I’ve put together an extended presentation that delves into the 8 steps for producing effective video content. This is a great place to start to find out about what you need to do so that your videos will stand out and the production process required to make your content a success. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone responsible for managing the process of producing video content for their business – comms and marketing, internal production teams, trainers and learning specialists, right up to senior level roles.

This presentation is aimed at both those that want to DIY their video content and also how to manage professional crews.

The presentation is broken down into 10 chapters:

1. 00:00 – Introduction
2. 14:49 – Step 1: Strategy
3. 20:26 – Step 2: Creative development
4. 26:09 – Step 3: Planning
5. 31:16 – Step 4: Filming
6. 40:41 – Step 5: Post production
7. 46:22 – Step 6: Transcriptions and captioning
8. 48:10 – Step 7: Distribution
9. 58:14 – Step 8: Repurposing your video content
10. 1:02:02 – Conclusion

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